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If you have a question or a comment for the AE leadership team, please contact us via the emails/phones listed below.

If you are having problems with your any AE technology or computer resources at AE, send a note to support@ae.gatech.edu
If you have a question about academic advising or the AE curriculum, send it to info@ae.gatech.edu.
If you have a question about financial aid or admissions, please contact the Georgia Tech Office of Financial Aid or Office of Admissions
If you want to contact any member of the AE faculty or staff, visit the AE Directory.

AE School Administration

Mark Francis Costello
William R. T. Oakes Professor & School Chair

Academic Administration

Karen M Feigh
Professor and Associate Chair for Research
Joseph Oefelein
Professor and Associate Chair for Undergraduate Programs
Adam Michael Steinberg
Associate Professor and Associate Chair for Graduate Programs
William Christopher Lundy
Academic Advising Manager
Brittany Hodges
Academic Program Manager

School Operations

Vickie L Brian
Asst Director for Administrative Operations
Farah Kashlan
Director of Development
Kevin Ellis
Assistant Director of FInance
Diego J Remolina
IT Support Prof Mgr Sr
Kelsey A Gulledge
Communications Manager